multiple profiles and Rflex

Multiple profiles and family account

With a SATS Online Family membership, you get a total of five user profiles included so that you and your family can take advantage of SATS Online.

To link a new user profile to an existing SATS Online family account, and gain full access to SATS Online's training content on the new user profile, please contact and state:

  • the email registered as the owner (with payment card) of the SATS Online Family membership

  • the email of the new user profile

Add more profiles on Rflex

To add more profiles:

  • From the menu screen, select the profile icon

  • Press "+" to add new profiles:

  • On the next screen, log in or create a profile for the new user.

If you experience problems, update both the Rflex software and the Rflex launcher and try the above instructions again.

Need help? please contact