As a SATS member, we want you to experience a positive and stimulating atmosphere every time you visit our training centre. For everyone’s safety and well-being, SATS has rules in place for our premises. We encourage you to read through our safety and conduct rules below. We also ask that you adhere to the rules when you are at our premises to work out or visit. If you are uncertain about anything, please speak to one of our employees.

SAFETYSATS rules for your safety and the safety of other members

  1. Avoid locking up your




    in the changing room. Use the lockers in the reception area instead where there is less risk of theft. SATS is not responsible for valuables.

  2. Use a lock that you deem to be secure for the lockers in the changing room.

  3. Always follow any




    given by SATS employees.

  4. Never block the


    emergency exits.

  5. Children and young people


    under the age of 15


    may not be at the training centre unaccompanied by an adult. The SATS site manager can make an exception on an individual basis.

  6. You must have a


    current photo


    of yourself in the member system for identification, and your face must be clearly visible in the photo. An exception can be made for individuals with protected identity.

  7. Anything prohibited by Swedish law is naturally also prohibited at SATS. Any threats, harassment or other illegal activities at a SATS training centre will be reported to the Police.

  8. You must leave the training centre by


    closing time


    at the latest or if requested to do so by a SATS employee.

  9. For reasons of safety, SATS employees are entitled to pry open




    left on lockers in the changing rooms after closing time. The reason for this is that the lockers must be opened, emptied and inspected at closing time. Consequently, padlocks on lockers will be pried open and the contents of the lockers will be emptied before the training centre opens the next day.

  10. MiniSATS


    has separate safety and conduct rules.

CONDUCTSATS rules for conduct and well-being

  1. SATS upholds the equal value of all people.


    This is one of our most important values, and it is also our primary rule for conduct and well-being. This means that we require our members to show consideration and respect for one another regardless of gender, transgender identity, disability, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or age. No one may behave in a manner that can be perceived as offensive or derogatory by others at the premises. This includes words, body language, clothing and other forms of expression.

  2. Always allow other members to use


    workout equipment


    when you are resting.

  3. Show consideration when you use your


    mobile phone

    . For example, put the ringer in silent mode when working out in a group, do not occupy training equipment while surfing or writing an SMS, and if you have to speak on the phone, we ask that you show consideration for others at the centre.

  4. Always use clean


    workout clothes


    and shoes when working out at the centre. See point 1 as well.

  5. You may not be




    in the training areas. If you are going to take part in a group activity where we recommend that you be barefoot, we ask that you wear socks or shoes to and from the group activity location.

  6. Use a towel to sit on in the







    in the shower is not allowed.

  7. Wipe off


    workout equipment


    with a paper wipe and spray after using it.

  8. Always


    return exercise gear


    to its proper location after use.

  9. If you






    to a group activity, you may be denied the possibility to take part out of consideration for the other participants.

  10. Taking photographs and filming


    at SATS premises is only allowed if approval is obtained from a manager at the training centre. However, you may take photographs and film for private use provided no other member objects or is included in the photo or video. Taking photographs and filming is never allowed in the changing rooms or in other locations where signs are posted prohibiting this.

  11. You may not consume


    alcoholic beverages


    at the training centre.

  12. You many not




    your own products or services at SATS.

  13. Only


    instructors and personal trainers


    employed by SATS may instruct and coach members on SATS premises.

  14. Show consideration


    for the training centre’s neighbours. Never drop heavy weights onto the floor, and always behave in a prudent and considerate manner otherwise.

  15. Please be aware that




    employees may need to enter the


    men’s changing rooms and male employees may need to enter the women’s changing rooms

    . When this is necessary for the purpose of making rounds or cleaning, advance notification will always be made.

DOPING AND DRUGS Strictly prohibited at SATS SATS resolutely condemns doping and drugs. SATS defines doping as the use of both legal and illegal substances to enhance performance and adheres to the definition of doping agents as specified by World AnitiDoping Agency (WADA). SATS anti-doping policy unconditionally prohibits usage of performance-enhancing drugs on the part of both its employees and its members. A third party approved by SATS is entitled to conduct unannounced drug testing on SATS premises.SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP What happens if you do NOT follow SATS safety and conduct rules? SATS is entitled to suspend your membership for a certain amount of time or terminate your membership entirely with immediate effect if you breach the safety and conduct rules or engage in doping and/or consume other drugs.