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Take back the control by testing styling

And other italic and underscore too

Because of how text rendering works we need to ensure that potential long paragraphs are rendered correctly, specially when that's one of the most common use cases that editors use in their articles.

Then, as good developers we need to ensure this long paragraphs work on iOS and Android. We will always attempt to use realistic kind of data instead of a simple lorem ipsum example.

Real world sample

In our app you get a good prediction if you will get a spot at the class you want to attend, even though it has a waiting list. On all classes with a waiting list you'll find the text "good chance to get a spot" or "small chance to get a spot".*

This will give you an indication on whether or not to get a spot if you meet up 10 minutes before the class starts. You have to booke the class beforehand. Remember to register as usual when your arrive to the club. Available spots are handed out in prioritized order when it's 10 minutes to the class starts. We hope that this new function will make your planning even better. We look forward to see you at a class soon.

Things to check

  • unordered list work

  • do they work in other NFC enabled devices?

  • gatito 🐱 (spanish for little cat)

Steps to work this out

  1. work on it

  2. ...

  3. profit

What's is not supported in App (right now)

block quotes are currently not supported in the apps


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